Saturday, November 10, 2007

Perfect couple

Perfect couple

I dreamt of Frankenstein´s Creature last night. We were together walking along a rainy road at night in a kind of town like Banfield or any suburb of Buenos Aires, with all its buildings shut and only a few shops open at that hours.

I think I was his girlfriend or better, his wife. At last we were able to share a nice walk under the rain without being chased by people.

He remained the shape described in the book: taller than the usual, a sort of green skin full of scars, enormous and heavy hands (I felt them on my shoulders), sad eyes, gentle for me, and up them, his large forehead where virtue, passion, love and revenge have their place to spread. I was so delighted to look at him.

Lovely walk under the soft rain. We were in peace. I see a huge yellow snake between the cars that were parked. Resemble a Boa constrictor, comming towards us. I tell him: ‘Look, a snake, kill it’, as actually girlfriends order her boyfriends to kill a cockroach or any insect for them. He catches it quickly owing to he doesn´t want me to be scared. (It is easy for him to please me), I tell him: ‘tear off her head’, meanwhile I´m asking for cigarettes at the only drugstore open we could find.

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Vivian said...

jajaj, me encantó!! aunque mi english es un poco limitado. Bueno, besotes, jajja